Rental information


Renting a villa in Bali, or renting property in general, is mostly done by paying in advance. In almost all cases the property has to be paid for the entire period at the start of the rental period.
Some villa owners make exceptions by negotiating terms, for example to permit tenants to pay in quarterly terms.
Our company helps clients with this process, by drafting the contract between the tenant and the villa owner.


If our clients have searched the collection of villas, and found some villas of their choice. We schedule an appointment to visit the villas with the client. If you are interested to visit some preferred villas, you can contact us by email or telephone. Our email address:


The villa selection we manage is mostly for yearly rental. Villa owners can decide to rent their property for shorter or longer periods. But, in almost all situations a period of 12 months or more is required. You can send us a request if you are looking to rent a villa for a shorter or longer period.